How to Create a Wellness Morning Routine for Entrepreneurs

A mindful and stress free morning is key to having an amazing day! Since I started I have felt more energized! Read through my wellness morning routine!

October 22, 2019

Before I started to take my job seriously, I would wake up at around 10am. I would slowly make my way to the couch and open up my laptop. I had no sense of structure or even healthy habits to help nurture myself or my business. In other words, I was a total mess. Building this business has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs and loops going backwards and forwards. I always felt like I couldn’t keep up with anything and was constantly failing. Then one day I decided to create a mindful and wellness oriented morning routine. I was determined to have a stress-free and productive morning so that I could have a successful day.

Why a Wellness Morning Routine?

I’ll admit — it took me waaaay to long to become a morning person. I used to be a night owl. I’ve slowly had to adapt myself into becoming part of the 5am club. Yup, that’s right, I wake up at 5am. I realized that I wanted to get a bunch of personal things done in the morning so that I could fully dedicate my day to building my business. To me, wellness is being able to invest in your well-being just as much, if not more than your business or career. And so, if I wanted to get all the things done and feel a sense of balance, I needed to wake up early. A wellness morning routine is simply making time to do the things that contribute to your health (mind, body or spirit).

How to Get Started

Now you don’t have to wake up at 5am like me. But you do have to figure out a schedule that allows you to do all of the things that bring you joy and will make you feel relaxed in the morning. The way I started crafting my wellness morning routine was to first jot down all the things I would love to get done in the morning. Think of things like making breakfast, maybe even making your bed, journaling, getting a quick workout in. Every single detail that you think would motivate you and also make you feel accomplished and great!

Once you have your list, crunch some numbers. Now I don’t want you to stress about creating a super strict schedule. Just estimate how much time you would love to have in the morning to not feel rushed. The key here is to make yourself feel happy and accomplished in the am. Not to stress out because you didn’t fit in everything. I started slowly and started incorporating other things as I saw fit. So from your list, you can start by incorporating 2-3 things in the morning and once you’ve got those down… add in some more! Feel it out!

My Morning Wellness Routine

Just to give you an idea of what a morning routine can look like… I’m giving you a peek at mine! I know this may seem like a lot and a bit long… but trust me that it took a while for me to find my groove and be able to do so much in my mornings. I never feel rushed and love having time to myself and also to spend with my little fam.

5:00am — Wake up call! Change + drive to gym!
5:30am — Work out with my trainer.
6:40am — Drive home!
7:15ish — Get home and take a family walk with my dog Pancake.
7:40am — Shower + Get ready!
8:15am — Hubby goes to work, I get in a 15 min meditation.
8:30am — Cook myself breakfast and eat while I read a book!
9:00am — I make myself some iced matcha and walk to my office to start work.

I always say that my schedule would change drastically if my gym weren’t that far away… I probably would wake up at 6am and still get everything done. Which is why I’m saying that yo do not need to wake up that early. Just do what feels right. I know that when I’m making breakfast while drinking my coffee I’m being very mindful. It’s just such a relaxing morning even if it looks like it may be a lot. I truly enjoy every single minute of it and at the end I feel pretty pumped for the rest of the day.

Tips to Create Your Own Routine

Not everyday will be perfect and that is ok! You have to give yourself some time and start with baby steps. Try creating one single habit for your routine first before you add in more. Sometimes it’s even easier to start being strict and then once you’ve got the routine of it down you can relax a little bit and you’ll find that you are kind of doing it on autopilot and with more ease. But the most important thing is to make sure that what you are incorporating in your morning routine will bring you joy or add value to your wellness. Do not try and go do something that you hate first thing in the morning. You need to make sure that you are excited for your mornings, not the other way around.

Do you have a morning routine?

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