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Why I Finally Hired a Personal Trainer

I hired a personal trainer because I needed to be held accountable. I needed someone to help me do what I had failed to do on my own for years.

I turned 29 two weeks ago and one of the things I decided to do was to finally hire a personal trainer. I’ve been talking a lot about being fit and loosing weight since before I got married in 2014. I have struggled, not really accomplished any of my goals and have kept my bad health habits without really doing anything about it. I always ended up giving in to my excuses.

The thing is, I’ve always struggled with my body image and loving myself. I’ve never been thin and until recently I’ve started to consider myself as pretty. I have to admit that the struggle of being fit and looking a certain way takes up around 60-70% of my thoughts, daily. Which is quite a lot. 

I’ll start tomorrow, yes tomorrow is a great day. Oh maybe next week is better. One more slice of pizza and I’ll eat healthier tomorrow. I look like a sausage with that bikini, why did I have that slice of pizza?!

On and on my thoughts were saying the most horrible and ugly things about myself. I was stuck in this loop where I would convince myself to start working out and then reason with myself as to why “tomorrow” was the perfect day to start my fitness journey.

But tomorrow never came.

I did great for a while and even pre-paid a full year on the Kayla Itsines App. I felt committed and ready to push myself into being healthy and toned. I think I lasted a full week of following her program, then Monday rolled around and I gave in to an excuse. Meanwhile I kept ordering take out and eating junk food until I was sick to my stomach.

I was being extremely unhealthy and making myself sick. After all, I’m the one controlling what’s going into my mouth. I realized that if I continued on that unhealthy path, I would pay for it when I got older.

So on my 29th birthday, I reached out to a trainer on Instagram. I saw that she was vegan like me and I figured it was worth a shot. I mean people come to me for branding and design because they need help, well, I need help getting in shape so why not seek a professional?

I hired a personal trainer because I needed to be held accountable. I needed someone to help me do what I had failed to do on my own for years.

I needed to invest in myself, my future and my dreams. I didn’t want to feel like failure anymore. I didn’t want to give up on being healthy and learning healthy habits. I didn’t want to give up on the dream that one day I would have a toned and fit body. Because that is my fitness goal. I want to be able to eat a slice of pizza without hating myself. I want to be able to know how to feed myself in a balanced and fun way. I want to feel empowered.

Lucky for me, I found a trainer that not only helps me work out, but makes sure I’m adopting healthy habits and learning how to eat without feeling deprived.

So take it from a person that spent 70% of their life lounging on a couch binge-eating flaming hot cheetos… hiring a trainer was a total game changer for me. I feel excited having to drive my butt to her gym three times a week. I love that it don’t feel the dread of “working out” anymore and I actually enjoy it. I love that I have learned how to feed myself properly as a vegan instead of eating all the take-out. It has changed my life and I am so happy I decided to invest in myself for a change.

Would you ever hire a personal trainer?

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