3 Essential Pinterest Strategies that Help Grow Your Blog Traffic on Autopilot

March 25, 2019

Pinterest is the number one tool I use for my own business to explode my traffic and get new client leads to my studio! All of this in under 30 minutes a week and with a glass of wine… say whaaat?!

You see, Pinterest strategies are so easy to implement and get you actual BIG results, unlike other platforms that personally give me social media anxiety. The sad thing is, not a lot of people know of the magical Pinterest superpowers! I know some of my friends and fellow entrepreneurs have asked me how Pinterest, a platform that they use for recipes and mood boards, can generate so much traffic? Well.. IT TOTALLY CAN, and because I believe in your dream and really want you to succeed, I’m going to walk you through three essential Pinterest strategies you can start implementing ASAP.

Before playing with Pinterest strategies I used to have maybe 1-2 clients every other month… Now? I have a booked calendar and new inquiries every day! In fact, I even landed an ongoing design contract with Anthropologie because they found me on Pinterest! I also grew my monthly viewers from a mere 1,000 to almost 3 million!

Even in my wildest dreams I never thought I would get so many people reading my content! This new surge in traffic and subscribers to my newsletter skyrocketed my business, too. Within one year of using my Pinterest strategies, I literally 10x-ed my income! Seriously, Pinterest is my magical secret weapon, and I want to make it yours too, so let’s dive in!

1. Curate Your Profile to Attract Your Tribe

You probably hear this all the time… but you always need to know who you are speaking to! Finding your ideal audience is crucial to your success (you can learn more about that here), and it is no different with Pinterest! You want to curate your profile to showcase who you are to attract the people that are sure to stick around and click that follow button.

So here’s what you need… A brief bio that explains who you are, who you help, how you help and how they can connect with you. Then you need to pair it with an on-brand friendly photo and finally, inject it with keywords. The clearer you are the more you will attract the RIGHT audience because you want to be the go-to spot for them to find the answers to their biggest problems. Whether that’s vegan recipes, entrepreneur tips or just style and fashion… you want to position yourself as the expert and your profile is just the place to do that.

You also want to curate your boards to speak to that audience. Think of them as your blog categories! Edit the boards that are irrelevant to your audience (like maybe your wedding inspo board), and keep the ones that will offer them solutions or inspiration.

2. Get Familiar With Pinterest SEO

The most common misconception is that Pinterest is another social media platform when in fact… it’s not! Think of Pinterest as Google’s cooler younger sister! Because after all, Pinterest is a search engine! And we have to implement SEO which is just the fancy term to optimize your content so it shows up on the top of a search result.

SEO is all about keywords (you can read more on that here), and so you want to infuse your Pinterest profile (and even your content!) with those keywords so that you start getting noticed! You want to add keywords to both your individual Pin and board descriptions and even inside your blog posts.

Think about it like this, what would someone be searching for in order to find your particular pin? Make a list of 5-10 keywords, then work the best ones into a conversational paragraph in your pin’s description. It’s actually pretty intuitive when you think about it! What would you google to find a solution to a problem? Now think about that but for your audience!

3. Automate Your Strategies!

One of the reasons that I love Pinterest so much is because I can automate all my strategies in under 30min a week and call it a day! Then Pinterest generates traffic to my site and increases my brand awareness without me lifting a finger every single day. It truly is amazing.

You want to create a system where you can publish your new content to Pinterest on a regular basis. You need to be pinning regularly to be ranked as a high-quality Pinner and the easiest way to do that is to automate using a tool. My personal favorite is Tailwind.

You should aim to pin between 10-20 pins per day and aim to do 50% your own content and 50% other’s. Oftentimes, if you’re not seeing an increase in traffic from Pinterest, it’s because you’re not pinning enough of your own original content. You can also work yourself up to that but know that by consistently pinning content to your boards daily, you’re increasing your chances of having your pins appear at the top of someone’s feed — which is what leads to lead to more traffic!

And hey if you’re still scratching your head, download my Pinterest Quick-Start guide and get started… it has so much more info and I think you’re gonna love it!

Now that you know how Pinterest can positively impact your business… what is the first thing that you are going to do to start utilizing the platform to grow your biz?

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