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How Pinterest Helped Me Grow My Business + Triple My Income

Can I start this post by saying that I am absolutely exhausted and frustrated by Instagram’s algorithm and awful games? I mean how many times have you had a surge of new followers only for them to unfollow you the next day? It’s impossible not to feel a little disappointed and even frustrated. How many hours have you invested in that app, slowly trying to build your business, shouting out into the void hoping that your tribe finds you buried inside a pile of hashtags?

I used to invest a lot of my time trying to figure it out and hating the follow for follow or like for like games. All of this is to say that I finally gave up and took a much needed Insta-detox. I took 6 months away to realign myself with my business and really try to see if there were other ways to grow a profitable business without followers. Guess what? I found it!

Pinterest Finally Helped Me Grow My Business

Are you on Pinterest? I know I was, but mainly using it to pin beautifully designed inspiration for my studio clients as well as recipes and home decor — little did I know that it was a marketing powerhouse! I mean seriously… Did you know that there are over 250 million active monthly users? Not to mention 87% of those users are purchasing things because they saw it on the platform. That’s a lot of people scrolling and finding things they love! Actually… that’s how Anthropologie found me and how I started freelancing for them. Pinterest just works… and you know why?

Pinterest is a Search Engine, Not Social Media

Seriously! It’s not a social media app, meaning… followers don’t matter. Say what?! Yup. You don’t need thousands of followers to get noticed or grow a business. In fact, you only need to set up your content with powerful SEO to be searchable on Pinterest. Think of it as Google’s cooler younger sister. It’s a search engine full of eye-candy and all you have to do is create content that gets noticed. This is why growing a business is so easy… there’s a simple step-by-step process to use Pinterest strategically.

Pinterest Drives Constant Traffic to My Website

When you create and share content your audience likes, the likelihood of someone landing on your website to read more is very high. Think about it, if you have all the answers to your audience’s pain points… and they find that answer as a helpful post on Pinterest… they will click on it! Pinterest drives traffic to your site which in turn, grows your brand awareness and establishes you as a leading expert in your field. Unlike Instagram, with Pinterest you can “google” a specific problem. So imagine serving your audience the things they need answers to right now… that’s why Pinterest is magical and sends loads of new site visitors your way.

Pinterest Helped Me Triple My Income

Before creating a strategy on Pinterest… I had maybe one to two clients every two months. I was struggling to get my design studio out there and all my Instagram efforts were squashed under hashtags. I felt like no one was finding my work or knew I existed. All that changed once I strategized and pinned my work and content on Pinterest. In just 3 short months, my designs and blog posts began circulating and more people became aware of my design studio. I suddenly had a booked calendar which helped me grow my income! Strategizing on Pinterest simply works, whether you are a service or product based business, it gets your dream out there.

Pinterest Helps Me Have a Balanced Life

I think my favorite thing about Pinterest… is that it helps me pursue a healthy hustle. I can honestly say that since I switched my marketing efforts from social media to Pinterest, I’ve had more time to work on passion projects and spend more time with my family. See, with Pinterest you can automate your efforts and have everything running smoothly for weeks (even months) without even lifting a finger. I simply create my strategies for the week, schedule everything in 30 minutes on a Friday… and then that’s it. I don’t have to think about it and Pinterest just sends me new traffic every day. To this day… I have over 2 million monthly Pinterest viewers all with under 1k followers on Instagram.

Curious and wanna get started on Pinterest? I got you! Download my Pinterest Guide to Book Dream Clients!

Pinterest has really helped me with so much. I grew my business and changed the way I worked. I am able to live a balanced life where I actually enjoy building my business without sacrificing everything to do so. I am confident that my strategies are running smoothly on autopilot in the background while I take a vacation or a long break between tasks. Either way, I am happy I no longer stress because of the ‘gram and I am able to manage social media in an intentional way while I build my business with Pinterest strategies.

What do you think? Have you tried Pinterest as a marketing strategy? You can also follow my Pinterest to see my strategies in action!

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  1. Maria says:

    Hello! I am really enjoying these posts about Pinterest, sometimes Instagram makes me feel so anxious and it really sucks to put my energy into that instead of focusing on what really matters.
    Looking forward to take some actions! Thanks you so much!!!

    • Emmy Jones says:

      Thats wonderful to hear Maria! In all honesty I still struggle with Insta Anxiety too… but Pinterest is such a wonderful way to still have an online presence without comparison! Let me know how it goes!

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