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How I Increased My Monthly Pinterest Viewers by 2 Million!

My top strategies to increase your monthly Pinterest viewers and drive engagement to your content, products or services and start getting noticed!

I never thought of using Pinterest as a business tool, yet here I am six months later with insane traffic, new clients emailing me almost every day and a steady stream of two million monthly Pinterest viewers.

But let me start at the beginning… I tried everything to get my business going on Instagram, and let me tell you, Instanxiety is a real thing. When we look at others seemingly amazing lives in our feed, it triggers this insane anxiety that makes us feel awful about our own lives. This is actually what prompted me to just up and quit the app for six whole months.

While on my detox I poured my heart into finding a sustainable way to grow my business without sacrificing my life or mental health and I found it. In just 6 months I went from pinning recipes and cute clothes, to harnessing it’s power to drive traffic to my site. Before I knew it, I had millions of viewers with an average of 80K engaged users clicking out to my website.

Change Your Mindset on Pinterest

Listen up! The first thing that I did was change was my mindset. I went from thinking the platform was there for me to pin healthy recipes and cute outfits, to a powerful tool for my business. Basically, think of Pinterest as a very niched search engine. This is not a social media app, it is a place where people go to search for answers, whether it’s a recipe, outfit inspiration or a tutorial. You can find just about any resource or how-to with just a simple keyword search. So imagine instead of shouting into the void that is Instagram. Following an easy 1,2,3 step process that gets your content, those beautifully thought out blog posts of yours, in front of the right audience. FOR FREE and with no added pressure, no comparison game and no “follow for follow” or “like for like”.

Pin Consistently

So here’s the thing, if you want Pinterest to work you gotta start pinning consistently and strategically. Meaning, don’t be that flakey friend that shows up to the party, pins a bunch of content in one day and then you never see them again for a month. Pinterest wants engaged daily users. Once I started pinning on a daily basis I started to get in front of more eyes and my viewership skyrocketed. But who has time to pin a bunch of content each day?! I hear you friend! Luckily there are things like Tailwind who help you schedule. I myself batch work a month in advance and let it run on autopilot in the background. Easy peasy!

Share Your Content Every Day

To get all those monthly viewers you’re attracting to click through to your site, you should be pinning your own original content as well as other people’s. That means that you should be blogging (and pinning) new content at least once a week. The way to be successful on Pinterest is to keep bringing fresh content into the platform. The sweet spot is to aim for 5 pins that are your own every day. You can create a new pin from one of your Instagram images, a new blog post, a fresh pin to an old blog post, a link to a new product, get creative! I probably have 3 different designed images per blog posts so that I can keep pinning my own content.

Learn to Use Keywords

Search engines only want to display the best information out there and so, you need to get their attention. Keywords are the best way to wave a giant flag in front of Pinterest that says “I have the answer! Pick me!”. If you go type something basic into the Pinterest search bar you get a bunch of recommendations, THOSE are keywords! It’s basically what someone types in to get the answers they seek. Pinterest already does the work for you! Just another reason to love it. Just put these puppies into your pin description and you’ll be racking up viewers in no time.

Schedule Your Content

Create a strategy and a plan and then automate it! There are loads of helpful tools out there but my favorite and the one I use personally is Tailwind. I spend on average 30 minutes per week, schedule all my content, include all my keywords and call it a day. Then I can concentrate on other areas of my biz. It’s so easy to use and it creates a schedule based on the optimal times your tribe is online so you know that your content is landing on their pages at the right time. Easy peasy! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed! Get your first 100 pins on Tailwind free by clicking here.

Analytics Are Key

Listen, I get it! I hate looking at numbers and trying to figure out what is going on. Believe me when I say, that once I took the time to look at my Pinterest analytics, I understood what to do to. The thing is, you need to test, you need to re-strategize and you need to be aware of what is working and what is not. Part of why I am so successful with Pinterest is because I set one whole day out of each month to look at my numbers and take steps to change, adapt and grow. When you switch to a business Pinterest account, it gives you loads of helpful data like which blog posts are most read on your site (pins that are clicked through), you can check which pins are most re-pinned, and which boards are performing the best! Knowing what your audience is responding to is key.

Still scratching your head? No worries! Seriously, go download my workbook, it goes so in-depth an explains a step-by-step quick guide to get you started.

Pinterest is such an easy tool to use. I love it because it gives me zero anxiety, zero fomo and I’m not constantly comparing myself. Give it a try, it is seriously life changing. So, what is your biggest Pinterest question? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Tailwind and will earn a small fee if you use my link. I do use Tailwind for my own marketing strategies and 100% recommend it ;)

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