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Why I Automate My Pinterest Content with Tailwind

Ever wonder how people do it all? Well, I've got a secret for you: Tailwind! Learn how you can easily automate Pinterest content with only 30 min a week!

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know I am obsessed with Pinterest! Right before I quit Instagram, I started to notice that most of my design clients found me on that platform. So I wanted to challenge myself to really shift my focus and grow my business without Instagram and all the anxiety that came with it. I started strategically using Pinterest and did see a difference in my business growth. The bad thing is, I was spending hours and hours of precious time pinning my content every single day... Let me tell you, automating is life changing! Once I started automating my strategies on Pinterest, my blog traffic skyrocketed and I was getting more genuine client leads. This gave me more time to actually do what I love, design, and work on other areas of my biz. What is this magical tool you ask? Why, it’s Tailwind!

Now, I am the first one to be iffy about new tools and platforms. I honestly hate having so many different apps, gadgets, whosits and whatsits! It’s so overwhelming to me to have to manage so many different tools to run my business so the thought of adding one more gave me anxiety, not to mention having to add to my monthly business bills made me nervous. The first great thing about Tailwind is that they have a free trial so it gives you some time to test it and see if its worth the cost (but believe me, it is!).

So What is Tailwind?

It’s a Pinterest scheduler app! It is super easy to use and has all the features you will ever need for a good marketing strategy. You can schedule your pins ahead of time, see which pins are preforming best with their analytics tool and you can boost older pins that you’ve posted before. Not to mention it knows when your followers are online so it makes sure you’re pinning when there’s a higher chance people will see it.

Why I Automate My Pinterest Content with Tailwind

It takes the guess work for you. I was on the fence when I first heard other bloggers and small business owners preach about it… but I am totally a believer now. Since I started using it my website traffic has tripled, I’m getting between 500-1000 new followers a week and have consistently held 3 million monthly viewers for four months straight now. All it takes is 30 minutes every week for me. Very different than before where I was spending four to five hours every single day. For me spending around $9 a month is worth the time it frees up.

Refresh Old Content

One of my favorite tools is called the Smart Loop. With it you can go back to your old content and refresh it so that it keeps driving traffic to your website. I don’t know about you, but I like to work smarter, not harder and this feature makes that happen. Imagine having your old content re-pinned ~fresh~. You can also re-loop (meaning re-pin) all that content that is actively driving traffic to your site. Tailwind is so smart it will let you know which pins are preforming best so that you can loop them and get them in front of more eyes.

Adding Pins to Multiple Boards

My second favorite feature is the ability to add one single pin to multiple boards. Because sometimes you have more followers on one board than another, and sometimes a pin can cover more than one category. Using Tailwind’s “Interval” feature is awesome because it will automatically space out when it Pins that same pin to the different boards. You can set it anywhere from 3 days to 15 days between each time it Pins it. This will help prevent your account from getting flagged as spam.

Tailwind Tribes

These are kind of like group boards , only better! Tailwind Tribes are exclusive to Tailwind users and are collaborative groups where you share your pins with the people in the Tribe and find other great pins to pin to your boards. So it’s a double whammy, you not only share your content on Pinterest with your followers… but also these groups of people who are actively pinning as well. Plus, when scheduling your Pins for the week, instead of scouring the internet for what to pin, just go into the tribes! Loads of content for you to schedule in the app, cutting the time you spend scheduling in half. Pro Tip: Always aim to schedule 80/20… meaning 80% content that serves your audience from other people and 20% your own content.

Analytics with Instant Actionable Steps

My favorite analytics tool to use (other than Google Analytics for my site) is the Pin Inspector. It will let you know what pins are performing best during a given time. You can take quick actions instantly like re-scheduling it to another board, adding it to multiple Tribes or a Smart Loop. It’s so much faster than having to use Pinterest analytics, Tailwind gives you the opportunity to take action right then and there and I’m all about efficiency!

If you wanna give it a try, Tailwind has the first 100 pins free trial!

Tailwind is pretty awesome, but it’s up to you to see if it brings value to your business. I can only speak from experience, but Tailwind helped my business skyrocket and gave me that work/life balance I needed. If you implement these Tailwind features for your Pinterest marketing efforts, you will be well on your way to a growth spurt for your brand. I promise!

Want more Pinterest goodness? I have a free step-by-step guide that digs even deeper into some of the most important Pinterest strategies. Download below!

Now, tell me in the comments below — what is your biggest struggle with Pinterest right now?

Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Tailwind and will earn a small fee if you use my link. I do use Tailwind for my own marketing strategies and 100% recommend it 😉

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