How to Believe in Yourself (& Level-Up Your Life!)

Believe in yourself and everything will change. Because when you truly believe in how magical you are, your life and your business will start flourishing.

October 12, 2018

Do you believe in yourself? Truly believe you can do it? Accomplish your goals, live out your dreams, find the love of your life, loose the weight, travel overseas, work with that brand, become financially independent? Do you believe that you are capable, that you are worthy, that you deserve it all?

Enter self-doubt. Everything that you have in your life is a result of the belief you have in yourself and the belief that everything is possible. Self-doubt is the #1 dream killer. The reason you lack the confidence to take the leap, to feel beautiful, be loud and proud of your skills. Self-doubt is that taunting voice inside your head whispering that you can’t do something.

Believing in yourself is all about beating that self-doubt. Silencing your inner hater and learning how to stop its running commentary on your life.

How You Got This Way

All of us are born with joy running through our veins, unshakable confidence in ourselves and a pure belief system. Then we get exposed to the world and society standards. We get picked last during sports in middle school, someone tells you that you’re drawings suck, no one asks you to dance, you start wondering why you don’t look like the models in magazines and then BOOM, you start doubting yourself. You start feeling like you’re not enough, like your dreams aren’t worthy or even achievable.

Instead of having a strong belief system that boosts you up, you end up with limiting beliefs that bring you down. It happens to everyone, you’re not alone. I myself had a hard time finding my path because I was told as a child that design and art were not a viable career path, that I was never going to make any money if I pursued that. I had that belief for years before I took the leap and changed my major. In fact, I created a workbook with the exact guide I used to start changing my beliefs to build up my confidence again. This workbook will help you believe in yourself again, you can download it below.????

Tame Your Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is the worst things you think about yourself on loop in your head. You need to learn how to recognize the phrases you use to describe yourself, what you’re doing and what you’re dreaming. When you hear yourself saying things like “I can’t,” or “I don’t know,” or, “what if,” or “I’m not enough” a red flag should go up.

It’s very eye opening when you start to take note of how you speak to yourself. In fact, I suggest you do just that. Every time you have a thought about yourself write it down. See how many times you put yourself down vs how many times you praise yourself.

To start believing in yourself you need to be ready to transform any negative thought into an opportunity for growth. You need to train your mindset so that you can pep talk yourself out of a bad thought instead of falling down the rabbit hole. So when you start wondering “Am I good enough?” you can say “Of course I am! I have all the talent I need, and if I bump into something I don’t know, I’ll figure it out!”. To believe in yourself, you must become your biggest cheerleader.

How to Start Believing in Yourself (Again!)

This is going to sound super cheesy but here it goes… You have to stop listening to your internal monologue and start listening to your heart. You my friend, have a spiritual compass inside you, your gut feeling, that points you towards your passion, your dreams and the life you crave. This compass is waaaaaay more important than the incessant chatter in your head that fills you with self doubt. So here’s the thing, when you believe in yourself, and believe that success IS possible for you, and then take action on that belief, magic happens and your dream life starts to become real.

One more time, because I think this is so important and it took me a while to grasp. Strengthen your beliefs, meaning, get rid of the stories that no longer serve you, cling to the belief that you can have it all, and then take action towards it. I promise that you’ll discover that the universe will support you and send you guidance in the form of love letters along the way.

Build Better Beliefs & Level-Up!

Self-confidence is based on your beliefs about yourself. If you think about it, you probably spend more time being your own worst enemy instead of your own BFF. You deserve to treat yourself better. Would you mentally abuse your family? Your friends? Would you tell them that they can’t do something? I’m guessing your answer is no. Then how come it’s ok when you do it to yourself?

Building better beliefs automatically boosts your self-confidence and really gets you believing in yourself. Ditch your old tired stories, the ones that tell you that you cannot do it, and replace them with ones that serve you and your dreams. Beliefs are at the base of everything we do and how we react to situations, so let’s work on building better beliefs so you can level-up your life!

Be kind to yourself. You are more capable and worthy than you give yourself credit for. Self-doubt never truly goes away, it will cling to you every time you attempt to leave your comfort zone. Knowing that your doubts are only thoughts, not your true Self will set you free.

What beliefs are holding you back from pursuing your dreams?

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