5 Ways the Universe Communicates With You

There are ways the Universe communicates with you all the time and when you start becoming aware of it, your life will basically level-up. Here are 5 ways!

July 27, 2018

There are ways the Universe communicates with you all the time and when you start becoming aware of it, your life will basically level-up. If you’re not familiar with this infinite cosmic power, let me give you a quick recap on Universal Intelligence! All of us are connected to this limitless power, call it God, Buddha, the Mothership, or if you’re more spiritual like me, the Universe. The Universe is just waiting to give you everything you want, we’re just too wrapped up in the physical world, comparing our lives, frustrated with our jobs and focusing on what we lack, that we keep loosing the hope and belief that we can have it all.

Ways The Universe Communicates

The Universe is always listening to you and it always responds. It’s also patiently waiting for you to ask for what you want and it sneakily sends you messages that nudge you in the right direction. The question is, are you aware of it? Whatever you believe in, when you’re feeling lost, alone and confused you will often ask for a sign. The thing is, more often than not, we forget to pay attention to the answers to our questions.

Communication with Universal Intelligence is always there, tethered to us. Sometimes it’s quiet and subtle, other times it’s loud and in your face. We must be mindful and attentive so that we are able to receive the sign that everything will be ok, to see the windows of opportunity, feel the nudge in the direction of our growth and to take action to change our realities. Here are the top 5 ways the Universe communicates with you.

#1 Your Imagination

By far my favorite method of communication with the Universe is through imagination. I mean there’s a reason I named my business Emmygination ????. I think imagination is the purest most awesome power available to humans. I think in order to escape the mundane world full of limiting beliefs you need some imagination. The Universe is constantly fueling our minds and sending us messages through our imaginations. Every dream you have and every aspiration you hope to achieve starts in your imagination. Just imagine the Universe planting this little seed that grows into the epic dreams you have.

Thinking outside the box, doing unexpected things, breaking the status quo, basically doing something other than what society says you should do all starts with that little seed. For me, it’s this freeing power of unlimited possibilities which is very exciting. Dreams start with your imagination, and it’s the Universe that fuels it.

#2 Restlessness

When you start feeling the urge to experience something new, become restless at your current job and have a feeling of unease… you can bet that its a sign from the Universe that you need to make a change. When you pay attention to those feelings, even when it makes no sense, you’ll start opening new doors of opportunity.

Deep in your soul, you know when it’s the right time to move on from something or make a change in your life. The Universe will start sending you signs all over to urge you to start hustling for that next step in your journey. These signs could be in the form of discontent with your current situation and even restless nights. Make sure to find the time to calmly sort through your emotions and explore where they are leading you.

#3 Your Gut & Intuition

Think about any situation in your life, where you wanted to say ‘no’ with all your heart but you said ‘yes’. Maybe you ended up at a wild party with your friend where things got out of hand and you wanted to be anywhere but there. Maybe you said yes to helping someone out when you desperately needed the time to work on your side-biz. Listening to our guts is listening to the Universe, it wants whats best for us and it is trying to guide us to what we desire and need.

Your gut or intuition works both ways. It can be a sure sign that something is ‘off,’ and that you should probably keep your distance or it could feel like ‘butterflies’ in your stomach, where you become excited at the possibilities. It’s like a radar that is constantly working and sending you in the direction of your dreams and your true Self.

#4 Strong Emotions

When you live mindfully, you are more aware of your emotions. You always have two choices, you can let them rule you and use them as an excuse to avoid change, or you can look at them by taking a step back from the situation and see them as a sign, as an opportunity to learn something valuable about yourself and your life.

If someone triggers an unpleasant emotion, can you use the experience as a mirror of something you might want to work on within yourself. We are all mirrors of each other, when you hate something about someone, maybe it’s something you struggle with too. Take it as a sign that you need to work on it, rather than becoming petty or judgy.

#5 Through Other People

Sometimes answers come in the form of people. Where you have an unexpected tidbit of wisdom said from a friend. A long lost colleague emails you about a job you would be great for at his new company. Maybe you meet someone new that is just so in tune with where you are in life… The Universe places people in our lives to teach us lessons, help us along our journey and enrich our lives, it also has them stop by to give us a message.

The answers to our deepest questions and fears are always available to us. Isn’t that cool? There’s this vast and abundant Universe that holds all the answers and it’s just waiting for us to ask. I know for some it’s pretty hard to believe that things can come easy just like that, but think of it as wishing upon a shooting star and hoping that it comes true. Blowing out the candles on the cake and sending that birthday wish up into the cosmos. It’s all about belief and becoming aware and mindful to receive the answers.

Do you have a story where you received a clear message from the Universe? Share it with me in the comments!

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