How to Master your Mindset for Success

How can you change what's going on around you without changing what's going on inside you. That is how you master your mindset for success.

January 14, 2018

There’s a lot of buzz going around about Mindfulness and how to Master Your Mindset. You may have read about it online, heard Oprah preach about it or are just curious as to how it has anything to do with running a business. Well, a lot actually! I honestly did not know how powerful working on mastering my mindset was until a year ago, when I hit rock bottom.

My mom has always been a more evolved soul. Ever since I can remember, she’s gone on retreats to master her mindset. She’s been to Cuba, México and Spain to train with the brightest teachers on Earth, always coming back with profound knowledge and a deeper understanding of herself. Throughout my life, she has always tried to teach me what she learns at these retreats and master classes, in hopes that I could open up and start being more mindful, master my thoughts and conquer my fears to start living.

She tried to do that for about 5 years and I never listened, brushing it off, being annoyed thinking ‘It’s not that easy mom! I can’t just THINK away my problems!’ and overall being a very very stubborn teen.

I hit rock bottom last year. I was broke, I felt useless, talentless, I spent my days on the couch binge-eating and binge-watching Netflix, hate-scrolling through Instagram wondering why I couldn’t have those followers, that glossy ‘Insta-life’ and basically wallowing in self-loathing. I couldn’t understand why my business hadn’t taken off, I had quit my full-time job 3 years prior and my career was at a stand still. Then I had a moment, an epiphany if you want to call it that…

You can’t change what’s going on around you, until you change what’s going on inside you.

Wallowing and falling victim to my own circumstance was not going to make me happy. I was becoming my biggest roadblock. No one was going to knock on my door and hand me my dreams all wrapped up with a pretty pink bow. I had to get out of my funk and start working towards my dream. It was right then and there that all of my Mom’s teachings sunk in, everything she ever said clicked.

Start Shifting Your Beliefs

The moment I went from thinking ‘I’m useless and talentless’ to ‘I’m going to start working towards my dream because I deserve it’, EVERYTHING changed for me. When you start shifting your beliefs from I can’t to I CAN and I WILL, your business becomes all the better for it. Success and happiness comes from within, not the other way around.

My epiphany catapulted me into research mode. I had long talks with my mom, and she recommended a bunch of books about mindfulness and how to master your mindset that I devoured. I realized that I had always had everything I needed to succeed, I just had to become aware of it. You too have everything you need right now in order to succeed.

You Can Control Your Thoughts

Master your mindset basically means learning to control your thoughts. In my case it’s about stopping the self-sabotage and instead becoming my biggest cheerleader. Every time I start to doubt myself or my business, whenever thoughts like ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘No one is going to read this’ I stop, get up and literally Shake It Off. Not kidding. By simply replacing the thought with ‘I CAN do this because I love it and I’m good at it’ and ‘The right people will read this’, my mood changes and I can continue to work.

Changing Your Mindset from Fixed to Growth

A fixed mindset tends to always want approval or confirmation of their actions. Always wondering ‘Will I look stupid? Will I be rejected?’ Basically focusing on the negative aspects, thinking there is nothing that can be done to change. A growth mindset thrives on on challenges and sees failure as a slingshot to grow and succeed, choosing to learn from their experiences instead.

Master Your Mindset = Master Your Business

The moment you start mastering your thought patterns, the moment your business starts thriving. Think about it this way, if you don’t believe in yourself or your business, why would someone else? Your mind is a powerful tool. If you believe something with all your heart, it’s bound to come true. In hindsight, all those times I kept saying I was not talented enough, I was putting those vibes out there and I got zero clients, zero growth and my business was at a standstill. Once I mastered my thoughts and started thinking how awesome I was, clients started rolling in because I was putting my best foot forward.

Have you ever been in a vicious cycle like me? It took me years to break it! So wherever you are, I want to hear about you! Let me know in the comments below…

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