Own Your Magic 07: Turning Fears Into Opportunity

September 17, 2019

I talk a lot about fears over on Instagram and here on the blog. That’s because these emotions are so powerful. In my opinion they are a compass that guides you toward what you want most in life. The thing is, with fears, we create obstacles for ourselves and tend to cling to our comfort zones all while keeping us from fully embracing our magic. But what if I told you that your fears are the key? They are the secret ingredient and the missing piece that help you make those beautiful dreams of yours a reality! What if I told you, that you could harness those emotions and start turning fears into opportunity?

And hey, know that you are not alone! We all have fears. All humans! Even one’s we look up to like Oprah, they too have fears. Fears are simply part of human nature and they are here to help you grow. In fact, fears are essentially two things… worry about the future or regret of the past. Your fears are trying to keep you safe from the unknown and from the things that have hurt you throughout your life. Good news is, you can take these fears and turn them into opportunities by changing your perception of them.

Turning Fears Into Opportunity

Fears are unpleasant emotions triggered by something that seems dangerous or likely to cause you emotional (or physical) pain. It manifests itself when situations threaten your well being. These fears are likely caused by limiting beliefs. You need to change your perception on your fears to fully embrace all of your magic. So instead of falling into despair, try reframing your fears like this…

Mindset Shift:

Fear is only an opportunity to become more self aware and grow. All of my fears are a gateway of untapped inner magic I can use to follow my dreams.

Becoming Self Aware

Part of owning your magic is starting to become self aware. Meaning, you know who you really are, your beliefs and even your patterns and triggers. I know that when I started to identify some of my patterns I began to really predict when my fears would flare up. It’s funny when you start identifying them and then realize how often they have popped in various areas of your life. For example, if you instantly become nervous at the thought of sharing your work on Instagram and stop yourself because of the fear of being judged… what is that telling you? Are you feeling like maybe your work is not good enough or doesn’t compare to other strangers in the Internet? Be honest and try and pinpoint the root of your fear. Try changing your story to see the opportunity that lies within your fear…

Identify the Opportunity:

If you went ahead and analyzed our example… it could go something like… “Sharing my voice is a way to express myself and in doing so I will start opening new doors of opportunity by putting my work out there for others to see. Taking this leap of faith may lead to more client work or awareness of my skills.”

Take it One Step at a Time

I’m such a fan of pro con lists. One of the things that helps me a lot is creating one when I get a new idea or dream and a fear pops up. It aids with that self reflection and turning fears into opportunities. Because when you write out all the reasons why maybe you shouldn’t do something VS what doing it will bring into your life, you always choose the latter.

Ask Yourself:

  • What would happen if I pursued this dream (or idea) despite my fears?
  • What would happen if I chose to sit in my comfort zone?

Where There is Fear, There is Power

Like I said, fear is the compass that is constantly pointing you in the direction of what you want the most. Each time you decide to face fear head on and really dig deep into what’s really going on, you are stepping more inside your own magic. Because aligning with your fears helps align with your true purpose and each step gets just a little bit easier to pursue your dreams.

Ready to run with your fears? What’s the first step you’re gonna take?

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