Love Hair Branding & Packaging Design

October 17, 2018

Hey Dreamers! I’m so excited to share this new project coming from the Emmygination Studio: Love Hair Branding + Packaging! This was definitely a *pinch me I’m dreaming* moment. Since the first email where I was contacted by one of the owners of Luxy Hair, Alex Ikonn, I was blown away. The scope of the project and the concept behind it made my heart sing. I could not have asked for a better client and a more exciting project.

Love Hair is a new lifestyle brand offering organic hair products made from 100% naturally derived and certified organic ingredients. It’s totally vegan and to my surprise, so eco-friendly that they plant one coconut palm tree for every coconut oil purchased. Their philosophy and story was something I was able to connect with instantly, and as a vegan myself, was right up my alley.

The project was to create their branding from scratch as well as modern chic packaging for their line of 6 coconut centric products. They wanted a very feminine but empowering tone and color palette as well as a strong and approachable brand.

We began the design process by creating a complete branding strategy that positioned their new brand as the new best kept beauty secret.

Modifying a timeless san-serif font, we created a unique logo that gave the brand a approachable and feminine feel. We kept the color palette neutral with a pop of pink to give it an organic feel.

As a brand that strives to hold prime real estate on women’s bathroom counter, we needed to design packaging with no bad angles. The packaging design is minimal and combines pops of copper foil with sleek matte white and soft pink to give the brand a fresh feel that any woman would like to display on her counter. 

The packaging is also very earth conscious by using recycled materials and glass, soy ink for printing and the box is made with 100% renewable energy. Let’s just say that I am so proud that I was part of this project. I try to live my life as minimally, low waste and eco-friendly as possible, so to be a part of this project was a total dream come true.

Check out the whole Love Hair Branding project over at the studio, and their new website here.

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