8 Changes I’m Making to Live a More Mindful Life

In an effort to bring joy and abundance into my life, I am starting to practice mindfulness everyday. Here are 8 ways to live a more mindful life.

October 16, 2018

I have been searching for my purpose for a long time and I feel like ever since I started trying to live a more mindful life, it has become more clear. There’s a beauty around mindfulness. I know that word is so over used and over played by the media, that many people (myself included) develop an intolerance for it, thinking it’s just another trend. Well, I am glad I got over it, because once I really got into it, it changed my life completley.

Being mindful is just being present. Meaning, that you are aware and focused on one thing at a time. A task, an event, breathing… enjoying…. It’s letting go of the swirl of thoughts and giant to do lists and just being. It really is a bit harder than it sounds, I know I am never truly focused on one thing. Multitasking used to be a badge of honor that would bring me pride but in hindsight, I never truly enjoyed any of it and it’s pretty much a blur. When you are focusing on multiple things at a time, or overthinking something from your past, or worried about your future, you loose sight of what you have now.

I started practicing mindfulness around a year ago. I was at a low point in my life because I was trying to do too much with no clear purpose (hint: I wasn’t being mindful!). I didn’t feel happy and every day was a struggle to get out of bed. Once I started incorporating mindfulness into my life I was able to completley re-design my life. While I am not perfect at it, I continue to add things that I feel bring me closer to living a mindful life. Here are 8 things that I am embracing…

Embracing Minimalism

I love to declutter. I love how it gives a space a fresh new vibe. This year I really want to embrace a minimalist home and attitude. I only want to keep and have things that bring me joy and serve a purpose. This way I am being mindful with my money and the energy in my home. I actually had the chance to share a tip with Redfin. I think having a mindful home really sets the tone.

Practicing Gratitude

When you are being grateful, there is no place for fear and I think that’s really beautiful. Being grateful has brought so much joy into my life. When you think about it, us humans tend to focus on all the negative things in our lives. What we lack instead of what we have. When you take a moment to recognize all the magic in your life, you are truly being mindful.

Upgrading My Self-Care Routine

Always incorporate some form of self care! It didn’t used to be a priority for me, but when I actually made it a habit and worked on some good ol’ self love, I became more confident. Becoming really aware of my thoughts, the way I spoke to myself, and how I took care of me, really made a positive impact on my life. I went from putting myself down and feeling untalented and unworthy, to becoming my biggest cheerleader… I try to have a self care ritual once a week where I am present with my Self.

Trusting the Universe

You weren’t put on this planet to just pay bills and die. You were put here to live a purpose, to be happy and to learn and grow, so you gotta be mindful of that. You were also given those dreams of yours because you are meant to live them, to make them a reality. I truly believe that letting go and trusting that the Universe has your back is one of the best ways you can live your life intentionally.

Nourishing My Body

My mindless eating days are over! I am really trying to take notice of what I am putting into my body. I cannot tell you how many times I sat on my couch just mindlessly eating junk food after junk food. I managed to gain 15 pounds in a short period of time. One of the biggest changes I made last year was to hire a personal trainer to really teach me how to nourish my body so I can be more mindful when it comes to taking care of myself.

Becoming Intentional

Whether consciously or not, every action you take begins with an intention. Why you’re doing something. Basically ask yourself this: Are you living life? Or is life living you? It’s about choosing to do something because of a specific purpose. Really considering if it’s going to bring value or joy to your life. Becoming comfortable with saying no to things that will only bring you headaches. Practicing mindfulness is being intentional.

Taking a New Approach to Social Media

You probably already heard me talk about my Instagram detox and how I came back to it with a different approach. In order to not get sucked into the madness that is the comparison game and algorithms and trolls, I started to be more mindful with how I am using social media. I don’t spend as much time on my phone and I only post things that make me happy and I think will bring value to my followers.

Choosing Kindness

In our busy lives and hectic work schedules sometimes we forget to be kind. One of my mindfulness practices is to be kinder. Kind to people, kind to myself and kind to the planet. You don’t really think about how your actions affect others if you are not mindful.

We all lead extremely busy lives where we are pulled in a million different directions at once. Sometimes we do things with no clear purpose and that ends up in a lot of stress and anxiety. Creating a mindfulness practice really helps in maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, body and surroundings. I know my life is full of purpose when I decide to be mindful during my day.

Do you practice mindfulness? If you don’t, would you give it a try?

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