7 Days of Self Love Challenge

You are worthy and enough to live out your dreams. With this 7 days of Self Love Challenge it is my hope that you work on your body, soul and mind!

July 8, 2019

Lately I’ve been obsessed with self love. Having struggled with embracing all of myself and learning to love even my biggest of “flaws”, I wanted to create a little self love challenge. You see, self love is so so important. It is the glue that will hold your life together. Think about it… you need to truly believe in yourself and your worth in order to make your dreams come true and live a joyful life. Because happiness is an inside job and it all starts with self love.

The 7 Day Self Love Challenge

So I want to challenge you, right now, wherever you are, to take this challenge and focus on one small act of kindness towards yourself each day. The rules are simple: Follow the printable guide (below) and treat yo self! This self love challenge was designed to tackle all the different areas of your life that promote self love. Everything from pampering yourself and your body, to strengthening your mind and soul.

At the end of the week it is important to reflect on how much your life changes or improves with these daily self love acts. The real goal is to turn them into habits so that you can add a little bit of self love into your daily routines.

Why You Should Take The Challenge

Most of us invest our time trying to improve our relationships with others. Other times we invest to fill up our lives with material things to fill up a gap. But the thing is, self-love is the foundation for your relationships with other people just as well as your overall happiness. Devoting time for yourself daily is crucial for you to achieve that coveted dream life AND improve your relationships. You are at the heart of your life and you are the most important investment you will ever make. Taking this challenge will start building awareness around yourself (and why you rock!), and it can become a stepping stone into a life of self love.

You are worthy and enough to live out your dreams. With this 7 days of Self Love Challenge it is my hope that you work on your body, soul and mind!


The Road to Self Acceptance

I’ve had a really tough time in the past learning to love myself. I used to think and say the most awful things about myself and my body, but little by little I started adopting some self love practices that helped me embrace who I am. This challenge is a small guide for you to start your self love journey and a way to accept everything that you are by resetting your mind, body and space. Because honestly, we all deserve a love letter, a day to focus on ourselves and some alone time to realize how awesome we really are.

Make sure to share your self love journey with me in the comments below! I would love to hear your story.

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