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The Tax Keeper Brand Design

It has been a while but I finally had a chance to upload brand design work! This project was for a very dear friend of mine, Mari Hough. She is an accountant and tax expert for small businesses and recently quit her full time job to venture out into the entrepreneurial world. Naturally she needed new branding as well as a website to kickstart her new dream.

She wanted something simple and classic for her brand. A memorable yet familiar logo that could attract the right type of clientele with warm and inviting tones. Based in the desert, Mari wanted to incorporate a color palette that matched her surroundings.

Her branding was inspired by the Arizona desert. I created a full branding suite stemming from a soft yet striking serif font that incorporated that classic yet modern feel she was looking for. For an added touch of fun, I hand-drew a little cactus icon.

Her new brand is sophisticated yet very approachable and inviting with the warm tones and down to earth feel. For her color palette I went out and photographed some of the Arizona sunsets and selected the hues that felt most like my client Mari. The pop of steel blue is a great contrast to the bold honey color that is used throughout. And if you knew Mari, you would know yellow is her color 🙂

Next up, I’ll be designing her website for her to finally launch her services to the world. And I cannot wait to share what we come up with.

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