Own Your Magic 03: How to Harness Your Unique Power

It is my passion and life mission to show you how magical you truly are and and harness your unique power, because you're made of stardust and you deserve that beautiful life you dream of.

July 11, 2018

My purpose is to help you find and harness your unique power. It is my passion and life mission to show you how magical you truly are, because you’re made of stardust and you deserve that beautiful life you dream of.

I know that deep down in your core, your soul, you know you are meant to shine. There is always a part of you, no matter how small, that is tugging you towards something bigger. Your dreams, your hopes, that life you imagine. We are all meant to live full lives of joy and love. The problem is that sometimes our light gets dimmed under the overwhelming shadow of society, negativity and the stress of the world. All of this has a tendency to hold us back from achieving our truest potential and becoming who we are meant to be, of harnessing our unique power.

If you’re still skeptical, then I strongly encourage you to step out of that comfort zone because you do have power inside of you. Whether you are aware of it or not, you hold this immense power that has the ability to change your life and make your dreams come true. No one has the same abilities, story and journey that you do, and you can harness this to fuel your purpose and live the life you want. So how do you harness your unique power? Hell, how do you even find it? Well, it will take a bit of soul digging and some inner work, but no worries I’ll walk you through it!

Why Your Biggest Asset is YOU

First things first, in order to harness your power you need to KNOW that you are awesome. Because when you start believing that you have what it takes, that you are worthy and that you are the BIGGEST asset you possess, then, and only then, can you use that power to change your reality.

Most of us actually don’t acknowledge this. Since birth we are bombarded with the media and society’s comparison culture. Then before we know it, we become conditioned to feel inadequate and not good enough. We believe that our power lies outside of us: ‘If only I had this, or was like that person, then I could be happy. We focus so much on the wrong things that we don’t even notice the incredible resources we have within us right now.

Social media followers, a fancy house, multiple degrees, clients left and right, a “perfect” body type, all of these outer things are nothing compared to who YOU are right now. The moment you value yourself above anything else, thats when you can start making some magic.

Expanding Your Self-Awareness

The key to harnessing your unlimited power is to expand your level of self-awareness. In simple terms, you need to know who you are and own it. Be unapologetically yourself and stop letting the fear of being your true self, rule you. When you expand your awareness, your energy flows freely and way more easily. You become more balanced and creative. You are able to make new choices, see the possibilities and become open to change.

To be self-aware you need to stop judging yourself and stop nurturing habits that hurt you. By being mindful of your thoughts and actions you can start understanding who you are and why you choose certain things or take certain actions. We tend to act on impulse in our “I want it now” society, so slowing down and being present helps us better understand ourselves.

Story + Talent + Passion + Purpose= Power

Once you become self-aware, how do you go about finding your power? What is your power anyway? Well, it may not be super strength like Captain America or the ability to turn into an angry green giant like the Hulk, but it is special nonetheless. Your power is the combination of things that make you, you. No one on this entire planet has the same combo of talent, story and passion that you do and that is amazing.

Think about it, your journey is totally and completley unique. No one on this entire planet has gone through what you have and that holds power. Because people crave stories, they crave new angles and new ways to learn. When you embrace all that is you, you can start using it to change your life. Identify your gifts and do your best to build your life around sharing them in your own unique way. Think about your story, where you come from, the biggest lessons you’ve had so far. What are some things you love to do? What is something you’re extremely good at? Something you want to do? The answers to these questions hold the key to your power. Because when you combine your unique perspective with what you have to offer the world, your power shines through.

Harness Your Unique Power Through Belief

Belief is a powerful thing. It’s basically a trust issue. Do you trust yourself, your talents and your wisdom enough to change your life? Do you believe you CAN change your life? The way to harness your power lies in knowing and believing not only that you have that power, but that it is the key to changing your life.

Most of us don’t feel like we are “the chosen ones”, the ones that are destined to touch the lives of others, to be millionaires, to have it all! But let me tell you this one thing that may change your mind… Your story may be exactly what someone else needs to hear right now to inspire them. Wherever there is a problem, there is someone who’s dream it is to solve it. You have the power to provide a solution and in turn, it helps someone change their life. Think of any superhero, in their darkest hour, when the fate of the world hangs in the balance, they stop doubting themselves and harness their power by focusing on the lives they intend to save. When you believe wholeheartedly that your power will help someone, it is easier to harness it.

Nurture Your Magic Everyday to Change Your Life

Practice makes perfect! Its no different when it comes to your power. Because we are conditioned to be self-deprecating, look for happiness outside ourselves and constantly compare our journey to others, we need to practice staying in our own lane. Remember, the way to harness your power is by trusting and believing in it. The more you practice that, the easier it will become. At a certain point, it will be so intuitive to just use your power that your life will start shifting. Our energy creates our reality, and when we focus on our uniqueness, we start embracing the life we dreamed for ourselves.

Embrace who you are, because when you do, you unleash your truest potential and in turn change your life.

Do you know what you power is? What problems do you love solving? I’d love to hear! Share it below!

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