Home Office Decor: Our Design Plan


March 31, 2018

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It’s been a little over a year since we moved into our townhome in downtown Scottsdale and because the desert still doesn’t feel quite like home, we thought we’d add some California flair to our new home office decor!

Our townhome is three stories and the ground floor is a two car tandem garage that connects to our patio (I know, super weird layout). Me and Keal share a car, so there is all this extra space there that we’ve been using as a home office and since its the freakin’ desert we basically melt during summers. Now we may not like living in Arizona, but we sure lucked out with some pretty cool neighbors. They offered to help us create an actual room essentially dividing our garage in two and I’m super stoked to plan the layout and design our home office decor!

So this is what our office currently looks like. We basically went to Ikea and bought all the cheap stuff and set up shop, we divided our garage with $40 room dividers and called it a day. It really does get super hot. Having all the heat coming in through the patio door and the garage door makes it impossible to work there year round. BTW, we do have a second bedroom but we like to have an office that’s semi-separate from our main house and a space for family/friends to stay with us when they visit which is why we ended up repurposing the garage in the first place.

Keal and our cool Neighborhood team are going to build a wall with a door and everything and lucky for me, I just get to supervise and pick out the decor/style. I’m pretty happy that we’ll have a room with its own entrance through the patio (which leads out to a shared community area with pretty trees and a pathway) and a designated space for all our creative projects!

Right now we have boxes everywhere and two desks that feel pretty sad. We both work from home so we want a space where we can host brainstorm sessions and have enough storage for props and art supplies. The idea is to have a lounge area sort of like a co-working space. We do not want to have two desks anymore so that we can have different areas to work at throughout the day and keep them juices flowin’!

home office decor

We’re aiming to get this project done next month just in time for summer so that we can have a space with air conditioning! In the meantime, we’ve been shopping around and gathering inspiration, I really want to create a cool California Boho office. I like to think its a bit eclectic as we tend to add a lot of clean lines and minimal elements to all our spaces, so let’s call it a modern California boho style!

I’ve always wanted a soft pink couch… or ~millennial pink~ and Keal basically gave me free reign and said I should create the office of my dreams so… pink it is! I want to add some mustard and indigo tones to complement as well as some natural textures and patterns throughout so that it feels cozy and creates that Cali laid back feel.

home office decor

We are getting some pieces from Ikea to keep within budget but dressing them up a bit starting with a white lacquered tabletop and upgrading with Pretty Pegs to create our main desk. We also have a ton of brass pulls left over from a long time ago and so we want to add them to this storage with four drawers on the bottom for all our supplies, and shelving for our props. Plus you can’t go wrong with their Besta system, I want to add some floating storage behind the desk. Finally, for extra working space a c-table so that we have the option to lay back on the pink chaise and work from our laptops. Voilà a perfect home office decor! That’s all folks!

Let me know what you think! You can also follow along on Pinterest for more magical inspiration!

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