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Weekend Link Love: 03

Hey Dreamers! It’s been one hell of a week full of hustle and lots and lots of coffee. I’m revvin’ up to do my first ever e-course launch. I’m equal parts excited and scared shitless to be honest. I know I have so much to give and so much great info to share with all of you but it’s still pretty new to me so hopefully everything goes great!

On the home front, we’re settling here in Scottsdale but still long for sunny California. We’re trusting life and having faith that we’re where we are meant to be, but it’s hard. On a happier note, we’re going to split our tandem garage into two and make an actual office so we can survive the Arizona heat this summer. I’m excited to learn how to build a wall with studs and insulation and all that jazz… even more stocked to dive into decorating and planning out the new office space!

Without further ado, here is my roundup of weekend link love! Everything I’ve been into this week. Enjoy 🙂

1. Watched this video with Marie Forleo and Elizabeth Gilbert and it gave me life.

2. Loved this article on Oprah about feeding your soul and recharge yourself.

3. Looking for some new pieces to add to my wardrobe and I’m diggin’ Lauren Conrads feb collection, I love the cherry top.

4. Have you guys checked out the new app by A Beautiful Mess? It’s called A Design Kit! Not only do I love the branding but the app is so helpful to design Instagram quotes on the go!

5. Going to try and create new healthy bedtime habits. This article goes through the bedtime habits of successful people for inspo 🙂

6. It’s gonna be April like tomorrow, so I really want to dive deeper into mastering my mindset for success. (Psst, have you downloaded the free workbook?!)

7. I found this site that’s literally called: What would Zooey Deschanel wear, and I’m obsessed, she’s my fashion guru.

8. I want this phone case so bad!

9. This month I’m reading Truly, Madly, Guilty by Liane Moriarty and You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero.

10. Overcome your fears like right now, listen to this vid, another by my fav: Marie Forleo.

Happy Weekend!


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