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My Favorite Beauty Self-Care Products

self care beauty products

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I’m not much of a beauty kinda gal, in fact, I barely know how to do my makeup! But lately I’ve been really changing up my lifestyle and becoming more and more aware of the wellness world. Self love is something I’m very passionate about and since I’ve  started incorporating a new routine around that, I thought I would do a roundup of my favorite beauty self-care products.

Let me just say that I’m a sucker for good packaging and aesthetically pleasing brands. I’m a designer after all! So most of my purchases are based on the packaging first, then functionality… so even though I have tried all the products here at some time or another, know that I shop with my eyes first. Cool? Ok!

Self-Care Beauty Products

I have a pretty solid routine where every Sunday I have an at home spa day. Its basically a full on grooming day where I treat myself and do something for my hair, body and face. I like to mindfully pick my products and the things I need. It is very important to me that I enjoy the process and feel like I’m being pampered which is why you won’t see any at home chemical peels or extreme detoxing serums. The goal is to practice some self love while nourishing your body with what it needs at the moment.

My Glowing Skin Super Trio

I have never taken care of my skin. I used to treat it horribly growing up by picking at my acne and leaving horrible scars. Not to mention the junk food that made my skin greasy and dull at the same time. I’m in my late twenties now so I had to make a drastic change for my face and I found the perfect trio that works on my skin. I honestly keep recommending these to my friends, family and anyone who will listen. These three products TRANSFORMED my skin. The Blue Tansy mask by Herbivore Botanicals is heaven in a jar. My husband hates the smell (it’s very earthy), but in two weeks 60% of my acne scars and dark spots where gone. This thing is magic for real.

Let’s just say I got hooked on making my skin the best it’s ever been, so after trying out multiple serums I stumbled upon the Drunk Elephant Day and Night products. They complemented my beauty routine beautifully and I am so so happy with my skin now. I don’t think I’ve ever had glowing skin as I do now. I use a rose quartz facial roller to apply the serum because it makes me feel extra fancy. Plus it’s supposed to reduce puffiness and wrinkles?

My Hair Care Products

I’ve struggled with my hair for years. I have this wavey poofy texture so taking care of the flyaways and keeping it hydrated is my priority. I’m way too lazy to style my hair everyday so I don’t really bother with heat treatment products or flat irons, mostly I like to keep my hair natural but under control.

The Gisou hair treatment mask is my favorite. It smells amazing because it’s infused with honey! I recently discovered this brand and became obsessed, they are cruelty-free so that’s a big bonus for me. As I said, I don’t really do a lot of hair maintenance and keep it simple with that hair mask once a week and a daily rose oil to add some shine and moisture to my hair.

My Nourishing Body Products

Have you ever heard of dry brushing? Yeah I hadn’t but then I tried it thanks to a Goop article and thought it was cool. Basically it helps improve circulation and soften cellulite (which I have). I don’t know if this is breaking the rules or not, but I pair it with a coffee scrub that smells amazing and leaves my skin silky smooth. Whatever works for you and makes you feel luxurious, go for it 😉

Also, speaking of trying new things, I recently discovered Moon Juice and all their magical vegan dust packets. I have only tried the Beauty Dust and the Brain Dust so far and have not noticed any immediate changes but it makes me feel fancy and healthy, so what’s the harm? I’ll try almost anything in the name of healthy skin!

Do you have a self care routine? If so, what are your favorite products?

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