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Mickey and Minnie Couples Disneybound

mickey and minnie couples disneybound

We’ve been back from our Walt Disney World trip for a couple of weeks now and I just had the chance to go through all our photos. Believe it or not, this was my first Disneybound like ever. We went to visit my in-laws in Florida for a week and I knew I had to take advantage of the opportunity and just go for it, we also upgraded our passes to the Premier one, which gets you into Disneyland in Cali and WDW in Florida… it was our Christmas presents 🙂

For my first Disneybound I wanted to pay tribute to the main Mouse, the iconic ears and of course polka dots. Any excuse to wear polka dots and I’m there. Luckily I had just gotten this cute long skirt from Anthropologie on their end of summer sale so it was a steal and on point with Minnie’s style. I roped Keal into doing it with me and I was so happy that he was excited to get in on it too!

mickey and minnie couples disneybound

The Mickey purse and bracelet were my birthday present from last year, Keal got it for on our trip to New York so I kind of already had the items in my closet… I just had to put them together. His was harder, it took us a while to find some red shorts since its technically winter. I think my favorite part of the whole look was Keal’s polka dot bowtie and suspender combo. We found it at H&M and it was like 5 bucks! He loves bowties anyway and took to modeling quite well, he is such a trooper.

The downside to all of this is that it was just the two of us on that trip, no friends or family that could help snap pics of the both of us with our outfits. I’m waaaaay to socially awkward to ask random strangers on their vacation to stop and do a mini photoshoot for us or snap a quick pic. The people we did get to help us out (because they saw us struggling and offered) couldn’t figure out our Canon camera so we ended up with a bunch of blurry pics. Bummer, but we’ll get the hang of it soon enough!

mickey and minnie couples disneybound

We did manage to snap this random selfie on the hub grass in front of the castle. We were feeling really goofy and laughing about the whole situation of not getting pictures of the two of us together, so we just winged it and started to selfie it. I know there’s the famous #InstagramHusband trend… but where’s the #InstagramThirdWheel that takes pictures of the Instagram Husband and Wife?!

I really really liked Disneybounding, even if I didn’t fully complete the look (I did not have time for matching shoes!)… Keal’s look was on point and I honestly loved his energy and how into it he got… I’m a lucky girl! Hopefully at some point we’ll get the hang of photographing ourselves together!

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  1. Alyssa says:

    You guys are so cute! It’s fun dressing up when you go to Disney, especially Disneybounding! My husband loves bowties too, they’re just the perfect touch to complete an outfit!

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