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Kemy Casa: Master Bedroom Decor Plans + Before Photos!

I love home decor. I love it almost as much as I love being a graphic designer. In fact, if I wasn’t a graphic designer, I would have probably been an interior decorator. I have been slowly getting to decorate my Scottsdale townhome after living here for almost 3 years now, and I think it’s time to tackle the master bedroom decor!

Isn’t it funny how almost always you leave the master bedroom till the end? I feel like that’s a thing. The first room I made sure to decorate was my home office since I spend most of my time there, followed by my living room. The master bedroom was always pushed back and I feel like I have neglected it for too long now. We haven’t even bought nice sheets or bedding and still use the one’s we’ve had since college almost (gross, I know!). Anyways, here’s what our master bedroom decor looks like now (and scroll all the way down for a mockup of what it will most likely look like!).

We already have all the big pieces like the bed frame, the side tables and the dresser. I had bought them when we first moved into the townhome with the savings I had left over from the downpayment but never really decorated or had a plan.This is how our room has always looked since moving in, we really haven’t done anything. The West Elm blue chair in the corner was actually a gift and doesn’t really fit with our style but we’ve had it for years now.

We also have these awkward two windows and we cannot center the bed because we would loose that nook on the far end of the room and walking through to the other side would get cramped. It really bugs me that we can’t center the bed and feel like the frame overlapping one of the windows looks odd, but I just gotta let it go. Good thing is we do have 90% of the pieces of furniture we need so doing our master bedroom decor is gonna be fairly easy and on a budget.

Master Bedroom Decor Plans

Alright, so we’re trying to keep in theme with the rest of our house decor and go for a very minimal and California boho look. I don’t really know what else to call it, but it’s straight lines mixed with textures and a warm tone to it.

Finally getting around to planning our master bedroom decor. I love bringing in a more california cool and bohemian decor touch to our house.

master bedroom decor sources:

01 Framebridge Gallery Wall The Stack | 02 Room & Board Architecture Canopy Bed | 03 Half Moon Mirror | 04 Swing Sconce | 05 Ochre Throw Pillow | 06 Moroccan Lumbar Throw Pillow | 07 Buffy Blush Eucalyptus Cover | 08 Iconic Stripe Rug by Sarah Sherman Samuel | 09 Penelope Nightstand | 10 *Similar West Elm Dresser | 11 Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig | 12 Sunset Park Vase | 13 Rust Arches Throw Pillow | 14 Kershaw Accent Chair

I love the feel of the space more when I throw in some pink and cream hues. It just makes me want to come back home and just sink into my bed. I also want to add a lot of different photos of our travels which is why the Framebridge stack gallery wall was super appealing to me. The other piece I’m particularly excited about is the new accent chair in the corner. I didn’t add it to the mockup but I want some floating shleves with books to make that a reading nook. I debated having a makeup corner but I’m much more of a book worm than a makeup human.

So what do you think of our plans?!

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