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Belle Hairstyle DIY

The fourth and final installment of my Disney Hairstyles (for now hehe)! I love me a good Disneybound and one of my fav Princesses growing up was Belle… so to end this four part series with a bang, I’m sharing a very simple and modern take on our favorite bookwork. This Belle hairstyle DIY is perfect for that last minute Halloween costume — because I am so that person haha.

This Belle hairstyle DIY is trendy, stylish and a little bit more of a preppy take than the iconic ponytail. I loved working with Abigail to create these looks and she also sourced the cutest hair accessory to make sure I was channeling my inner belle. Anyway, here is the step-by-step tutorial!

step one:

Separate out any face framing and/or bang pieces, then, take out a section that slightly curves with your head. You want the section you are taking out of the hair to be able to be covered past your ear by the sectioned out portion you are clipping back.

Step two:

Taking small-medium sections depending on your hair thickness, begin a dutch braid. The most important thing to remember is that you want to take each section underneath the braid. This will create the dutch or 3D effect that will make your braid look more boho. You want to do this braid at a medium tightness.

step three:

Stop incorporating sections into the braid above the ear, leaving out any face framing pieces you would like. Secure with an elastic. Gently pull apart or “pancake” the braid, starting towards the bottom of the braid and working your way up to the part line. 

step four + five:

Taking hair from the opposite side of the head, slowly roll a small section inward. Incorporate small sections of hair in as you roll the hair towards the braid.  Secure pony with an elastic, and remove the previous elastic from the braid letting the hair fall freely to join the rest. 

step six:

To get a “never ending” braid effect… Take a section of hair that matches the thickness of your top braid and begin braiding a three strand braid with the sections going under. Again, this will insure that your braid (yes even a 3 strand braid) has a 3D effect. Gently pull apart the braid and secure with an elastic. 

The perfect Belle Disneybound hairdo! With Halloween around the corner, this Belle Hairstyle DIY will go with your last minute Disney themed costume!

step seven + eight:

Place the hair scrunchie or hair scarf with the tails painting downward and on top of the ponytail. The trick to getting this look cute is not having your scrunchie actually securing anything. Pin back or curl your face framing pieces that you left out early. 

The perfect Belle Disneybound hairdo! With Halloween around the corner, this Belle Hairstyle DIY will go with your last minute Disney themed costume!

Out of all the other Disney Princess hairstyles I did, this Belle Hairstyle DIY was by far my favorite. Well, it was definitely a tie with the Rapunzel one. It was easy and had a cool twist on the traditional Belle hairdo. Plus out of all of the other hairstyles I actually put together a cool Disneybound outfit that I think mimicked the movie’s original one pretty closely.

The perfect Belle Disneybound hairdo! With Halloween around the corner, this Belle Hairstyle DIY will go with your last minute Disney themed costume!

I loved channeling my inner Belle so much, but now all I want is to create an Ariel look since she is actually my favorite Disney princess haha. It is so fun to step out of your comfort zone and create content just for the pure joy of it.

Which one was your favorite look? This Belle Hairstyle DIY? Jasmine’s Boho Hairstyle, Rapunzel’s Flower Crown Braid or Cinderella’s Top Knot? Let me know in the comments!

Styling by Abigail Fifield | Photography by my Business Bestie Aimée Flynn Photo | Belle Scrunchie by The Blonde Curse

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  1. Amy Thomas says:

    Love this tutorial! I’m going to try it because I’ve been looking to do something like this for a long time, since I bought a set of balayage clip in extensions from Zala ( Thanks a lot for sharing this!

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