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Aaron Monroy Branding

Today, we are sharing another design spotlight post, this time for a very cool photographer client :). Ever since launching our new site, we have had a lot more attention to our work (which is super awesome), so we have gotten a chance to refine our design process and work with clients from all types of industries which is super exciting.

Aaron came to us needing a logo design and minimal branding help. We loved his style and instantly bonded over white space and the rule of thirds. Working with him was a dream, he knew the aesthetic he wanted and that helped us nail down his mark instantly. It was also fun to incorporate some hand lettering into his logo!

Aaron is a huge fan of the Dodgers, so we wanted to take some inspiration from that and try to create a bold statement with his initials as a monogram. We mixed the retro vibe of sports emblems with a cool modern typeface to create his primary mark. Once we had the main mark down, we got to work to create some hand made elements for him starting with his signature.

To add the finishing touches we created a flexible stamp for him to use on all his collateral materials and as a watermark on his photography.

I was also tasked with designing his business cards and I wanted to craft something to reflect his style of photography. Choosing a soft black textured paper and paring it with a ghost print of his emblem, I created a minimal but modern moody vibe for his first impression collateral.

What do you think of this week’s design spotlight?

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Hi, I'm Emmy! 
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