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5 Reasons to Use Pinterest for Your Design Business

Want to work with dream clients? Here are 5 reasons why you should be using Pinterest for your design business right now...

Are you on Pinterest? I know I was, but mainly using it to pin beautifully designed inspiration as well as recipes and home decor — little did I know that it was a marketing powerhouse! Actually… that’s how Anthropologie found me and how I started freelancing for them. In fact, to this day 98% of my clients find me on Pinterest… the rest are referrals. And I have managed to make over 100K in my first year solely with Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest just works! Don’t believe me? Here’s 5 reasons why you should be using Pinterest for your design business right now…

01. Pinterest is a search engine, not social media

Seriously! It’s not a social media app, meaning… followers don’t matter.  Say what?! Yup. You don’t need thousands of followers to get noticed or grow a business. In fact, you only need to set up your content with powerful SEO to be searchable on Pinterest. Think of it as Google’s cooler younger sister. It’s a search engine full of eye-candy and all you have to do is create content that gets noticed

02. It’s practically MADE for designers

A visual search engine?! Is there anything better than scrolling for inspiration? And think of it this way… What is the first stop for any entrepreneur when they’re thinking about their business? Pinterest! They search for what they want it to look like, what aesthetic they like. Potential clients that will stumble on your work and click to your website.

03. It doesn’t take hours and hours of your time

Pinterest strategies can be set in 30min a week. Then you just set it and forget it! There’s nothing to it but being consistent, just once a week! And hey, if you can pin your work with a glass of wine on a Friday afternoon right before you’re done with your work day… I don’t see how any other type of marketing beats this!

04. Content on Pinterest is evergreen

Meaning it will keep bringing new traffic to your site. I don’t even have to think about it and Pinterest just sends me new traffic every day from posts that I published in 2014! Once you pin something, it will forever live on the platform and show up in search results. So if someone is looking for a wine label design this year and you pinned that kind of work in 2014, it will still show up! 

05. Say Goodbye to burnout!

I think my favorite thing about Pinterest… is that it helps me pursue a healthy hustle. I can honestly say that since I switched my marketing efforts from social media to Pinterest, I’ve had more time to work on passion projects and spend more time with my family. See, with Pinterest you can automate your efforts and have everything running smoothly for weeks (even months) without even lifting a finger. 

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Pinterest really did change my life and how I run my business. And guess what?!

I have a totally FREE Pinterest guide that will help you get started! In it I’ll teach you simple strategies to kick-start your Pinterest for your business.

What are you waiting for? Any Q’s about Pinterest? Let me know in the comments!

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“I’m working with Anthropologie!” These short words changed my life. And I’m sharing my Pinterest-specific strategies that got me there!

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